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: 12 September, 2023 Munafa News headlines NASDAQ top intraday stocks, NASDAQ top gainers, stocks near support, and more

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Lets start with NEWS headlines first

These NEWS headlines might affect stock markets tomorrow

  • How Morgan Stanley believes Tesla shares will drive to 0
  • Instacart seeks IPO valuation of .5 billion
  • Tesla shares can get to 0, says Morgan Stanley, citing AI opportunity
  • Qualcomm shares surge as Apple modem revenue appears secure through 2026
  • : Diamondback Energy forms water infrastructure platform with Five Point Energy
  • : RTX to take billion charge, cut its sales outlook as a result of ‘powder metal’ condition
  • : Canopy Growth stock trades above for first time since May
  • : Immatics shares rise on Moderna cancer collaboration
  • EU cuts eurozone growth outlook 2023, 2024, dragged by struggling Germany
  • : FuelCell Energy stock gains after reported losses were narrower than expected
  • : EVgo stock ticks up as it receives domestically-made chargers from Delta Electronics
  • : Klaviyo looks to raise up to 1 million in IPO, and to be valued at up to .8 billion
  • : Avantax to go private in deal valued at .2B
  • Economic calendar: CPI, PPI, jobless claims, retail sales on week's data docket
  • : U.S. stocks open higher, attempt to extend Friday’s gains before this week’s inflation reading
  • : Madrigal Pharmaceuticals shares fall after new CEO named
  • : JetBlue announces new planned divestitures as it looks to close Spirit deal next year
  • Chinese banks issue higher-than-expected amount of new loans in August
  • : Instacart sets terms in initial public offering with proposed market cap of .5B
  • : Crinetics Pharmaceuticals shares surge 65%, analysts raise price target after acromegaly treatment results
  • : KKR pays B to become largest shareholder of USI Insurance Services
  • : Goldman Sachs asset and wealth management executive to retire, as others join firm
  • : Neumora Therapeutics sets IPO terms, to be valued at up to .7 billion
  • : Hostess Brands stock soars toward a record after J.M. Smucker buyout deal valued at .6 billion
  • : RayzeBio sets IPO terms, to be valued at up to billion

Intraday tips for tomorrow.

Please note that much more accurate tips can be found on the MunafaSutra.com website under the "Best Intraday Tips section". A direct link to that page is below these tips. Those tips on the website are about 80 per cent to 90 per cent accurate and effective.

  • DIOD Diodes Incorporated
    traded with 1.1044 times volume, showed price change of 1.34% and is trading at 79.23 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 78.91 - TG: 79.7 or 80.17 - Stoploss: 78.44 or 77.65

  • POOL Pool Corporation
    traded with 0.598 times volume, showed price change of 1.16% and is trading at 348.26 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 348.92 - TG: 345.94 or 343.63 - Stoploss: 351.23 or 354.21

  • MRVL Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
    traded with 0.952 times volume, showed price change of 1.04% and is trading at 56.32 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 55.97 - TG: 57.17 or 58.02 - Stoploss: 55.12 or 53.92

  • LOGI Logitech International S.A.
    traded with 0.4693 times volume, showed price change of 0.96% and is trading at 70.78 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 70.62 - TG: 71.22 or 71.67 - Stoploss: 70.17 or 69.57

  • ROKU Roku, Inc.
    traded with 0.6355 times volume, showed price change of 0.93% and is trading at 84.25 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 85.42 - TG: 82.43 or 80.6 - Stoploss: 87.25 or 90.24

  • UFPT UFP Technologies, Inc.
    traded with 0.7574 times volume, showed price change of 0.92% and is trading at 162.50 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 162.12 - TG: 163.43 or 164.37 - Stoploss: 161.18 or 159.87

  • NTRS Northern Trust Corporation
    traded with 1.1198 times volume, showed price change of 0.9% and is trading at 77.08 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 77.34 - TG: 76.55 or 76.01 - Stoploss: 77.88 or 78.67

  • ALGN Align Technology, Inc.
    traded with 0.6524 times volume, showed price change of 0.88% and is trading at 335.18 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 334.1 - TG: 337.19 or 339.21 - Stoploss: 332.08 or 328.99

  • QTEC First Trust NASDAQ-100- Technology Index Fund
    traded with 0.1803 times volume, showed price change of 0.87% and is trading at 152.72 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 152.18 - TG: 153.47 or 154.21 - Stoploss: 151.44 or 150.15

  • MCHP Microchip Technology Incorporated
    traded with 0.9017 times volume, showed price change of 0.86% and is trading at 79.46 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 79.21 - TG: 80.38 or 81.3 - Stoploss: 78.29 or 77.12

37 more intraday tips here. Click here

Top Gainers stocks

These are stocks which gave a strong price move. If a stock keeps appearing in this list often, then that something is happening in that stock, and it might be a suitable stock for short to long term investment.

Top Volume stocks

These are stocks which gave a very strong move along with high volumes. Volume and price in themselves are the most effective indicators in stock markets, and stocks giving a good price move along with double or more volumes are certainly attracting buyers for one or more reasons.

Munafa Stocks list

These are stocks where we think that trend might be shifting upwards. Depending on market conditions, these stocks can either be suitable for short term positions, or might even be good for long term positions.

  • AXNX Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc.
    traded with 1.6875 times volume, showed price change of 5.44% and is trading at 61.29 currently.
  • KRYS Krystal Biotech, Inc.
    traded with 1.3389 times volume, showed price change of 3.55% and is trading at 128.44 currently.
  • CHTR Charter Communications, Inc.
    traded with 1.6188 times volume, showed price change of 3.18% and is trading at 435.84 currently.
  • NARI Inari Medical Inc
    traded with 1.1856 times volume, showed price change of 2.52% and is trading at 67.59 currently.
  • ERIE Erie Indemnity Company
    traded with 0.9177 times volume, showed price change of 2.36% and is trading at 282.94 currently.
  • LNW
    traded with 1.9323 times volume, showed price change of 1.52% and is trading at 77.58 currently.
  • AMGN Amgen Inc.
    traded with 1.0916 times volume, showed price change of 0.88% and is trading at 261.72 currently.
  • RTH Retail ETF Vaneck
    traded with 0.7143 times volume, showed price change of 0.79% and is trading at 177.37 currently.
  • QQQE
    traded with 0.8336 times volume, showed price change of 0.77% and is trading at 78.08 currently.
  • USCL
    traded with 1 times volume, showed price change of 0.64% and is trading at 53.13 currently.
  • PTNQ
    traded with 0.7261 times volume, showed price change of 0.62% and is trading at 63.04 currently.
  • STRA Strategic Education, Inc.
    traded with 1.1897 times volume, showed price change of 0.57% and is trading at 77.00 currently.
  • MAR Marriott International
    traded with 1.0509 times volume, showed price change of -0.63% and is trading at 204.16 currently.
  • SMCI Super Micro Computer, Inc.
    traded with 0.9569 times volume, showed price change of -1.19% and is trading at 277.32 currently.

Golden Cross stocks list

These are the stocks where a golden cross has been formed on technical charts within a day or two. These stocks must have been giving a strong move for a couple of days now. Golden cross is also the second signal generated by MACD indicator, when stocks enter green zone from a red zone.

  • NTAP NetApp, Inc.
    traded with 0.691 times volume, showed price change of -0.71% and is trading at 78.53 currently.

Stocks where MACD turned

These are the stocks where MACD has turned upwards. MACD is a technical indicator which is very widely used for taking positional calls in stocks. Stocks listed here might form a golden cross in coming days. This is a pre-signal for golden cross.

Stocks near support

These are stocks which are falling, but have possibly taken a support now. If a stock has gone up with high volumes, then there is a good chance that the stock can continue its upmove.

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