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: 13 September, 2023 Munafa News headlines NASDAQ top intraday stocks, NASDAQ top gainers, stocks near support, and more

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Lets start with NEWS headlines first

These NEWS headlines might affect stock markets tomorrow

  • Australian Market Notably Lower
  • Singapore Stock Market May Test Support At 3,200 Points
  • China Stock Market Tipped To Open Under Pressure
  • MorphoSys Gets U.S. FDA Fast Track Designation For Tulmimetostat In Endometrial Cancer
  • Major Agency Wants Profit Deals From Netflix Advertising
  • EMA Validates Type II Variation For Astellas' XTANDI For Treatment Of Prostate Cancer
  • Renewed Consolidation Anticipated For Thai Stock Market
  • Taiwan Shares May Head South Again On Wednesday
  • Hang Seng May Give Up Support At 18,000 Points
  • Soft Start Called For Indonesia Stock Market
  • Tesla’s stock powers through resistance level and into bull-market territory
  • DraftKings apologizes for 9/11-themed betting promotion
  • IEA says demand for oil, coal and gas will peak this decade
  • : Eight more companies including Nvidia and Palantir agree to White House AI standards
  • : GoDaddy stock rallies after activist investor Starboard Value urges value creation opportunities, including potential sale
  • U.S. stocks open lower as Wall Street awaits inflation data — and a new iPhone
  • Fund managers just made their biggest shift into U.S. stocks: survey
  • : Macy’s names ex-Galeries Lafayette exec as CEO of Bloomingdale’s
  • McCarthy to endorse Biden impeachment inquiry: report
  • : CureVac signals progress on mRNA flu vaccine
  • Apple event: How shares perform — historically — on day of iPhone announcements
  • U.S. home prices rose in July. But they fell in 11 states in the West.
  • The U.S. economy is doing better than people think: hedge-fund sage Bill Ackman
  • : Orthofix terminates CEO, CFO and CLO for repeated ‘offensive conduct,’ and stock plunges
  • : 2seventy bio cutting 176 jobs, search for new chief executive

Intraday tips for tomorrow.

Please note that much more accurate tips can be found on the MunafaSutra.com website under the "Best Intraday Tips section". A direct link to that page is below these tips. Those tips on the website are about 80 per cent to 90 per cent accurate and effective.

  • CFFI C&F Financial Corporation
    traded with 0.8314 times volume, showed price change of 1.1% and is trading at 55.02 currently.

    BUY call - Entry: 54.53 - TG: 55.51 or 56.01 - Stoploss: 54.03 or 53.05

  • COIN
    traded with 1.7011 times volume, showed price change of 0.87% and is trading at 81.32 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 82.74 - TG: 79.12 or 76.92 - Stoploss: 84.94 or 88.56

  • BECN Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
    traded with 0.8919 times volume, showed price change of 0.58% and is trading at 78.47 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 78.74 - TG: 77.77 or 77.07 - Stoploss: 79.44 or 80.41

  • FRPH FRP Holdings, Inc.
    traded with 0.8055 times volume, showed price change of 0.56% and is trading at 56.08 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 56.22 - TG: 55.65 or 55.23 - Stoploss: 56.64 or 57.21

  • MU Micron Technology, Inc.
    traded with 1.074 times volume, showed price change of 0.4% and is trading at 70.31 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 70.6 - TG: 69.5 or 68.7 - Stoploss: 71.4 or 72.5

  • IMKTA Ingles Markets, Incorporated
    traded with 0.8024 times volume, showed price change of 0.23% and is trading at 75.17 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 75.45 - TG: 74.84 or 74.52 - Stoploss: 75.77 or 76.38

  • CHTR Charter Communications, Inc.
    traded with 0.7732 times volume, showed price change of 0.18% and is trading at 436.61 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 437.5 - TG: 433.94 or 431.27 - Stoploss: 440.17 or 443.73

  • LOPE Grand Canyon Education, Inc.
    traded with 0.8783 times volume, showed price change of 0.14% and is trading at 113.19 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 113.5 - TG: 112.71 or 112.24 - Stoploss: 113.97 or 114.76

  • ABNB Airbnb Inc Cl A
    traded with 0.6979 times volume, showed price change of 0.12% and is trading at 147.50 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 148.49 - TG: 145.83 or 144.15 - Stoploss: 150.17 or 152.83

  • CRUS Cirrus Logic, Inc.
    traded with 2.5253 times volume, showed price change of 0.01% and is trading at 73.59 currently.

    SELL call - Entry: 74.87 - TG: 71.44 or 69.29 - Stoploss: 77.02 or 80.45

60 more intraday tips here. Click here

Top Gainers stocks

These are stocks which gave a strong price move. If a stock keeps appearing in this list often, then that something is happening in that stock, and it might be a suitable stock for short to long term investment.

Top Volume stocks

These are stocks which gave a very strong move along with high volumes. Volume and price in themselves are the most effective indicators in stock markets, and stocks giving a good price move along with double or more volumes are certainly attracting buyers for one or more reasons.

Munafa Stocks list

These are stocks where we think that trend might be shifting upwards. Depending on market conditions, these stocks can either be suitable for short term positions, or might even be good for long term positions.

Golden Cross stocks list

These are the stocks where a golden cross has been formed on technical charts within a day or two. These stocks must have been giving a strong move for a couple of days now. Golden cross is also the second signal generated by MACD indicator, when stocks enter green zone from a red zone.

  • VONG Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF
    traded with 1.1085 times volume, showed price change of -1.17% and is trading at 71.57 currently.
  • PANW
    traded with 1.197 times volume, showed price change of -2.93% and is trading at 245.73 currently.

Stocks where MACD turned

These are the stocks where MACD has turned upwards. MACD is a technical indicator which is very widely used for taking positional calls in stocks. Stocks listed here might form a golden cross in coming days. This is a pre-signal for golden cross.

Stocks near support

These are stocks which are falling, but have possibly taken a support now. If a stock has gone up with high volumes, then there is a good chance that the stock can continue its upmove.

  • CTAS Cintas Corporation
    traded with 1.6226 times volume, showed price change of 2.8% and is trading at 511.79 currently.
  • BMRN BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
    traded with 0.6644 times volume, showed price change of 1.32% and is trading at 92.06 currently.
  • ICLR ICON plc
    traded with 0.9217 times volume, showed price change of 0.71% and is trading at 257.28 currently.
  • ESGR Enstar Group Limited
    traded with 0.4384 times volume, showed price change of 0.19% and is trading at 252.67 currently.
  • KALU Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
    traded with 0.7467 times volume, showed price change of 0.07% and is trading at 75.83 currently.
  • FTCS First Trust Capital Strength ETF
    traded with 1.6815 times volume, showed price change of -0.16% and is trading at 75.97 currently.
  • CSGS CSG Systems International, Inc.
    traded with 0.1297 times volume, showed price change of -0.2% and is trading at 53.76 currently.
  • RTH Retail ETF Vaneck
    traded with 0.2895 times volume, showed price change of -0.31% and is trading at 176.82 currently.
  • NVEC NVE Corporation
    traded with 0.6847 times volume, showed price change of -0.52% and is trading at 85.79 currently.
  • USCL
    traded with 1 times volume, showed price change of -0.56% and is trading at 52.83 currently.
  • ROP
    traded with 1.0333 times volume, showed price change of -0.84% and is trading at 493.69 currently.
  • FSV FirstService Corporation
    traded with 0.6792 times volume, showed price change of -0.94% and is trading at 152.12 currently.
  • UFPI Universal Forest Products, Inc.
    traded with 0.7371 times volume, showed price change of -0.99% and is trading at 102.23 currently.
  • BGNE BeiGene, Ltd.
    traded with 0.8164 times volume, showed price change of -1.2% and is trading at 206.72 currently.

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